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NOW 37 – Return from Wrestlemania part 2

The episode was so big it took two shows to contain it! This part Pickle is joined by Venom.

NOW Episode 36 – Return from Wrestlemania, pt 1

In this episode, Pickle, Cheese and Silicon Dave discuss Wrestlemania and the events surrounding it.

NOW Show Episode 35 – 1 week from Wrestlemania XXX

In this episode, Pickle, Tidbits and The Venom chat up Wrestlemania and all of the events surrounding it.  Yes, we’re giddy like school girls.

Now Podcast 34 – Approaching Wrestlemania XXX

In this episode, Pickle and Tidbits discuss the current status of WWE and begin giving predictions for Wrestlemania matches.  Silicon Dave joins in as well and bashes Daniel Bryan and the Yes movement.

NOW Podcast 33 – Into the Rumble

In this show we discuss the Royal Rumble, the new WWE Network, and more!

NOW Episode 32 – the Venom Mr. Maggio

In this episode, Pickle and Tidbits chat wrestling with quite possibly the BIGGEST Wrestling Fan in Louisiana, “The Venom” Mr. Maggio.

NOW Episode 31 – The Return of the dirtiest Player

After his long journey of throwing shoes, riding in limousines and flying international in the dP Lear jet, Cheese rejoins us and we all sit down and catch up on wrestling, Everyone except pickle gloats about John Cena winning, and we celebrate the TNA quarter hour.

NOW Episode 30 – Clownshoes Express

In this episode, we check our scores from NOC, catch up with the just past PPV, and discuss new wrestling stables and hatred for Khali, with the approval of his theme song.

NOW episode 29 -A Night of Joker Drivered Champions

In this episode, Pickle, Tidbits, and Dr. Thunder discuss more on joker drivers, how Total Divas has taken over plotlines, and give our final predictions for Night of Champions. We also give our farewells to the Boomer Sooner himself, good ole JR.

Now Episode 28 – Summerslam Recap

In this episode,  Pickle,  Tidbits, and Dr Thunder recap SummerSlam and the unfolding plot since the PPV,  then somehow get onto the best finisher of all time again.  Who doesn’t like the joker driver?!? Oh wait,  the guy receiving it.