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NOW 58 – Royal Rumble Preview

In this episode, we discuss the current status of WWE,  give our predictions for the Royal Rumble and much more!

NOW 57 – Pump Patrol

In this episode, we talk with the Pump Patrol.  We learn the most important workout regiment,  their legacy in wrestling and how they plan to continue to make their presence known in WildKat, and much more! All day, every day!

NOW 56 – Live with Wildkat Revolution Champion Danny Flamingo

In this episode,  Danny joins us again to discuss his winning the title,  the Revolution Rumble,  his plans for the future, and tons more!

NOW 55 – Live with Wildkat stars Socorro & Hardbody Harper

In this episode, the NOW chats it up with Socorro and Hardbody Harper as we discuss the upcoming  Revolution Rumble,  the manager-wrestler relationship of Socorro and Harper,  the TV show, and tons more!

NOW 54 – Live with WildKat star Danny Flamingo

In this episode the boys go live on video with WildKat Sports superstar Danny Flamingo to discuss his role in WildKat and to talk up their premiering TV Show!

NOW 53 – SummerSlam and Wildkats!

In this episode,  we discuss  Summerslam 2016,  Wildkat Wrestling, and all in between.


NOW Episode 52 – MITB 2016

In this show,  we give our thoughts and predictions on MITB, the upcoming WildKat show, the upcoming Brand Extension, and tons more!

NOW Show 51 – Extreme Rules

In this episode,  we discuss Extreme Rules,  give our predictions.  thought son the business,  and tons more.  T-O-P-P…….

NOW Episode 50 – Payback is a mother

We celebrate 50 episodes with Cheese, Pickle, Krazy, Dave and Special Guest Gonzo. Who reads an admittance & apology? We discuss WrestleMania, the upcoming Payback PPV, recent suspensions, deaths, and tons more! The best talkers in the Wrestling podcast business prove why we’re at 50 episodes.


NOW 49 – Wrestlemania 32 Preview

Tonight’s show cast: Pickle, Cheese, Krazy, Dave, and Atom Bomb. We give our Wrestlemania picks and thoughts.