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New Orleans Wrestling podcast is a group of New Orleans’ most hardcore Wrestling fans.  We’ll cover news from the squared circle, with our own special flare of opinion and editorial.

Our cast is:

1925247_10151937678947539_533162495_n  Name: Picklescoop
Weight: 270lb
Hails From: Vlasic’s Vineyard
Finisher: The Scoop Slam
This monster may look harmless,  but you’re so wrong.  Run for your lives, people.  Now.  He’ll beat you in the ring,  then celebrate with a Mardi Gras parade.Because he can. Pickle is a 4 time Pick Your Ponies Champion.
1184815_10200588482858989_493999794_n Name: Cheese
Weight: 215lb
Hails from: Parts Unknown
Finisher:  The Low Blow
Believed to be raised by a pack of wolverines,  Cheese has held every title that Wrestling has to offer, during his stints as a prop master for every Wrestling    Federation in existence. The only reason he isn’t prop master anymore is because of that House Show where he stunnered Stone Cold completely through the ring. Twice.
581557_4301170099849_435888613_n Name: Tidbits
Weight – 240lb
Hails from: Magic
Finisher: the Kick Drum Stomp
He is why the drummer from Def Leppard has one arm.  He ripped it off.  It is believed that he carved the bones into a pair of drum sticks,  which he still comes to the ring with today.  Tidbits has held both the European and African Championships numerous times.  Also,  as a member of the legendary tag team the Carbombs, he is a 4 time Tag Team Champion.
10712980_276621165870681_5047266424619627548_n-300x292 Name: Krazy Laughing Fireclown
Weight – over 200 lbs
Hails from: under the Big Top
Finishers:  The Griffin and the Wig Splitter
Krazy came onto the scene like the circus arriving in town-  A huge parade with  floats, exotic animals, fire breathers, and jugglers. But don’t be fooled by his Clownish tricks.  He has one goal –  to win everything.
IMG_0637 Name: Multiple Dave
Weight – 150lb
Hails from: the Future
Finisher: the Time Machine
This is one mother fucker to be afraid of. He can and WILL get you. He may send one of his multiple personalities from the past, present, or future to tag in and strike you. He looked ahead in time. He won the match.
11895007_10101092760411567_2211593988118849211_o Name: Atom Bomb
Weight – 161lb
Hails from: the Haaaaalllllllllllllllllllll
Finisher: Big Boy
With a striking resemblance to “The Venom”,  he assures us he’s NOT the same person.  But he’s gonna leave an impact crater bigger than Nagasaki.

Past Tag Team Partners

1497231_10202740094253762_1113746946_n Name: Hopper
Weight: 210 lb
Hails from: the Grasslands
Finisher: The Tattoo Shader
After learning discipline as a child by chomping down on grasshoppers, Hopper is a high flying brawler that is as well known for his artwork as he is for his fighting skills. He is a seven time “Your Fly’s down”-weight Champion.
16888_10151321917003581_1547460320_n Name: “The Venom” Mr. Maggio
Weight – 160lb
Hails from: the Halls of Stamford, CT
Finisher: the Biting Script
When he’s not writing legendary stories like a Cooler match, he’s tearing up faces and heels alike in the ring. Taking no prisoners, the Venom most notable held the Cruiserweight Hardcore Belt 6 times in a match.
1075775_10101208090209788_38522493_n Name: Sammy Cusimano
Weight – 220lb
Hails from: Muscles, Belgium
Finisher: the Woodchipper
When he’s not singing with Beretta, Sammy is in the Gym, following a strict diet of Lil Caesar’s Pizza and the blood of his enemies.
1781841_10202017702738759_995140944_o Name: Dr. Thunder
Weight: 240 lb
Hails from:  the African Coastline
Finisher:  the Fist of Thunder
Coming to the ring like a thunderstorm, Dr. Thunder exploded on the scene like a shaken up can of soda. He is a 3 time Fantasy Football champion with a stable of players and managers that would even make Vic Grimes cry..